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您查询的是:活动手册 查询结果:共包含 4 个汉字,总笔画数 24 画。 去除重复汉字后:共包含 4 个汉字,总笔画数 24 画。 以下为单个汉字笔画数: 9 画huó活 6 画dòng动 4 画shǒu手 5 画cè册

Part B 2 1-5 CACBC Part C-J 1 highest , windy , place , usually , snow , dangerous , climb 2 Omit 1 1-16 coldest , highest , bigger , driest , oldest , hottest , China , knives saltiest , stronger , largest , quietest , stronge...

is longer than green one is heaver than black one is taller than the lady in yellow is faster than the old man is harder than ours is better than his father


是甚么活动手册 查看原帖>> 麻烦采纳,谢谢!

选择题 1. ---Can you guess ________ the book yesterday? ---Sorry, I’ve no idea about it. A. how much did he pay for it B. how can he get C. how much he paid for D. how he has got 答案:C 2.My mom is ____ teacher. She’s ____ Eng...

公司简介,10年来的发展历程 活动的组织者,参加者介绍,活动日程安排及其他注意事项

嗯,我也有。学生版的吧?教你一个偷懒的办法: 第一步:点击填空处 第二步:打空格 第三步:连按三下回车,答案就出来了 本人原创,严禁抄袭!! 共同进步

选择题 1.—What your father ? —He is a driver. A.do, does B.does, do C.do, do 答案: B 2.I a brother. He tall. A.have, has B.has, is C.have, is 答案:C 填空 1He died at the_______(年龄) of 95. 答案:age 2.----Which is you...

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