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after school 意思:adv.放学后;课余;课外;校外 读法:英 [:ft sku:l] 美 [ft skul] 例句:I have band practice after school. 我在放学后有乐队练习.词汇解析:1、after 英 [:ft(r)] 美 [ft(r)] prep.…后的;(表示时间)在…以后

after school 编辑 韩国 After School()是韩国Pledis Entertainment于2009年推出的女子组合,成员由队长金正雅、李珠妍、朴嘉熙(已毕业)、BEKAH(已毕业)、刘小英(已毕业)、金宥真(二期加入)、Raina、林珍娜(NANA)

【after school】 放学后【after】 在之后【school】 学校;学习【after school 】发音(音标) 【adv】 希望能够帮到你……

after school放学后after-school 课外的,课后的

after school意思是:放学后.例句:1、I took the kids for a picnic in the park after school. 放学后我带孩子们去公园野餐.2、After school, I had picked up Nick and Ted and made the rounds of the dry cleaner and the grocery store 放学以后,我接

韩国女子组合after school(韩文名字:)由队长朴嘉熙、李珠妍、金正雅、bekha、刘小英(已退出)、金宥真(uee)(二期加入)、raina、nana(三期加入)、老小lizzy(四期加入)组成,属于pledis entertainment公司,于2009年1月17日出道.after school为固定短语,意为课下(课外、课后).

after school英 [:ft sku:l] 美 [ft skul] adv. 放学后;课外;校外;课余例句1. I took the kids for a picnic in the park after school. 放学后我带孩子们去公园野餐为你解答,敬请采纳,如果本题还有疑问请追问,Good luck!

am very busy all the week. Our school days are busy enough .We're under too much pressure fromschools and families .We're tired .I have to learn to play soccer every day. I do lots of homework from Monday to Saturday. I feel under too much

after school和after the school的区别after school翻译:放学after the school翻译:在学校的后面望采纳,谢谢!!!

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