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come to a stop[英][km tu: stp][美][km tu e stp]停住; 站稳; 例句:1.As we gallop, our hair flying in the wind ( no hard hats here), our horses expertly negotiate the windy paths and come to a stop next to a ravine with a clear river rolling by,

你好!赞同楼上不过那确实是一个短语,stop还可以做既无动词,前者就只能用在sth. come to a stop ,如有疑问,请追问.

come to a stop 停下来(有一个过程) stop 停止,停下 (一个动作或者一个口令)


when it has come to a stop当它停下来时come to a stop英 [km tu: stp] 美 [km tu e stp] 停住; 站稳双语例句 1People often wrongly open doors before the train has come to a stop. 人们经常在火车还尚未完全停好时就违规打开车门.2But a little later, I've come to a stop. 但突然我停了.

come to a stop 是习语,意思是 停下来come to an abrupt stop相等于come to a stop abruptly意思是 突然停止

c.street. 习惯搭配是 traffic on a street 怎样怎样.. 没有和 stop,start,visit的搭配的说法.

One day, a boy comes to a bridge. He stops and thinks whether to cross it because he can't swim. Finally he decides to keep on walking even though he is frightened. He walks on the bridge step by step but he still falls into the water. At the moment,

sth. come(s) to a stop是个固定短语,意思是“某事结束了”.stop前边的a必不可少.看一下这个高考题的原题:Please remain____until the plane has come to a complete stop.有些不可数名词或者抽象名词,在某些短语中是可以用不定冠词的,如:have a good time 玩得开心 become a success 成功(的人或事) VS天才翻译家

have sth. done 这个句式 这些马已经三次被叫停.

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