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两种用法都成立的,且意思基本一致.但come to an end是更为常见的标准用法,而come to the end则用在一些特指的情况较多.如有疑问,欢迎追问O(∩_∩)O~~

something come to an end sb.come to the end of sth.come to the end到尽头 极限,结束 告终 [英][km tu: end][美][km tu i nd] 例句:When you come to the end of the street, bear to the left.当你走到街道尽头时,向左转.come to an


come to the end走到尽头come to the end[英][km tu: end][美][km tu i nd]结束,告终; 例句:1.When you come to the end of the street, bear to the left. 当你走到街道尽头时,向左转.

come to an end是词组,就是结束的意思It has not come to an end even after three years.三年了,事情还没落局.

come to and end “and”表示并列 意思是“来临和终结” come to an end “an”是定冠词 表示一件事的终结或一个终结

come to the end到尽头 极限 come to an end结束

come to an end的意思:结束,终止,完事,期满,平息.come to an end的读音:英 [km tu: n end] 美 [km tu n nd] 重点词汇:1、come 英 [km] 美 [km] vi.来,出现,开始,发生.vt.做,装扮…的样子,将满(…岁).2、end 英


end 意为"终点“,come to an end 表示”……结束了“

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