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EnD up in prison

end up是一个 in prison在监狱里

I am afraid that he will end up in the prison.希望对您有帮助

end up 结束;告终 ;[俚]死end up doing sth 最后做某事;终止做某事end up with sth 以…结束hold one's end up 坚持到底; 乐观地战斗keep one's end up 精神饱满地对付例句用法 短语词组 近反义词 【必 看】永久免费,每日英语 全部1.if he

其实问题不应该这样问,with、 in、 doing 只是end up 的不同搭配.end up 的意思是结束,后跟with表示以什么结束,其后可跟任何名词;后跟in一般表示后面要接一个地点名词 如end in prison;而doing则表示end up后面可以接一个动名词 如

fearing he would end up in prison是插入语位置在句子的中间如果放在句首,则作为伴随状语Fearing he would end up in prison, his mother sent him to the USA.

to find yourself in a place or situation that you didn't expect to be in 最终成为,最后处于 例句:If you go on like this you will end up in prison. 如果你继续这样,早晚得进监狱. 另外,end up + 动词[ing]---例子:end up getting married end up + [adj]---例子:end up dead

end up (doing sth.): 1)表示进入一种特殊的状态,尤其是不在计划中的.he'll end up in prison if he's not careful.we were going to go out, but ended up watching TV at home.2)到达一个预期外的地方 We got to Rome okay, but our luggage ended up in Paris.

end up 竖起, 直立 结束, 告终 死 end with 以结束 end up with 以告终 Something wouldn't end up.

end up in 在中结束 end up with sth以告终/结束,即sth是最后一部分end up with +句子中主语的一部分. The party we had ended up with a music. end up in+事情发展的结果. eg: The team ended up in a vitory. end up with后面的宾语是其主语的一

If you go on stealing, you will end up in jail.

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