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mEAn to Do和Doing的区别

mean to do和mean doing的区别如下:一.means doing mean当做意思意味讲时,是及物动词,refusingto have anything to do with something or somebody这个动名词短语做mean的宾语.二.mean to do一般理解为打算做某事 联合抵制这个词的意

mean to do 意思为:“意图做某事”主语一般是人 mean doing sth 意思为:“意味着做某事”主语一般是某一件事例:(1)I didn\'tmean to do that.我不是故意要做那件事的(2)Losing a bus in London means waiting for another hour.在伦敦错过一般车意味着再等一个小时

mean to do和mean doing的区分

.mean to do是“打算,企图”的意思.Mean doing是表示“意味着”的意思.如: I had meant to leave on Sunday.我本打算周日走. I mean to stay here for a long time.我打算在这儿呆很久. Missing the train means waiting for another hour. 赶

mean to do =plan to domean doin 意味着做某事try to do=manage to do 只不过后者是成功做了,前者是不知道有没有成功try doing 尝试做

mean to do 打算做…… mean doing 意味着……

mean这个单词有很多意思.做动词用,表示“作……解释,想要”mean to do sth=want to do sth 想做某事mean doing sth意味着做某事

mean to do是准备做.mean doing是正在做.

MEAN TO DO 想做什么事MEAN DOING 意味着做什么TRY TO DO 努力,企图做某事try doing 试验,试着做某事

mean to do和mean doing的区分

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