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Say Something about Myself I am a pupil.I am in *** Primary School.I am ten years old.I have Chinese,English,maths.I like English best.It's interesting.I go to school from Monday to Friday.

My name is XXX, X years old this year, I grow not how beautiful, but I have a pair of clear God has big eyes, black hair, I am tall, an oval face, a pair of slender hands. My personality is very outgoing, but I very timid, I most afraid of a person at night to


Myself My name is XXXX.I am in NO.xx middle school.I am a good school student.And I have mang good classmate.They are XXX, XXX, XXX. So I like playing basketball with their. My favourite subject is Music. I think it is relax myself. I like eating

I am a primary school student .I am a girl .And I am 12. I have long black hair,black eyes,small nose .I am short,but I am very clever.I am good with my classmates , teachers and parents.They are good with me,too.I like to play sports.I like to play tennis

Be myself This is a big world. Be a person in the world is my glorious. We have to meet lots of options in the world, so we may lost ourselves.Sometimes we need some distructons release the bad mood.No matter how,by myself is a very important

myself hello,everybody!my name`s ------ . i am a 15-year-old girl. i have two big eyes, a small nose, two pretty ears and a round face. and i also have long curly hair. i like playing volleyball, badmintoon and basketball. i play them every day. why should i

你在网上搜索myself范文很多!我这个只是冰山一角! We haven't all met before. So I want to introduce myself. My name is Wang Hong Yue. I'm fourteen. My hobby is reading . I think“A good book is a good friend”. I learn a lot of with book.

Do you want to know me? Now let me introduct myself to you. I am a pupil, I have a happy family. Everyone loves me and I love them very much,too. I spend my most time on

我自己(Myself) My Chinese name Lin Langwei. David is my English name. I am ten. Because I don't like eat meat I'm thin and short. I live in Dongguan---a very beautiful city. I have a happy family. There are five people in my family. I love all of

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