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ovEr thErE什么意思

在那里 如:The car is over there.那辆车在那里


over there是在那边,远处那边的意思,there就是那儿. there 与over there 通常来说是可以互换. 但有一个明显的特徵是,over there多是指可以看得见的,说话的人每每还要用手指向那个位置的!

it`s-over-there 是什么意思 it`s over there. 意思是: 它在那边。 常用于口语化的对话中。

over there 英[ˈəuvə ðɛə] 美[ˈovɚ ðɛr] adv. 那里; [例句]She'd married some American and settled down over there. 她嫁给了一位美国人,并在那边定居了。

over there 在那边 双语对照 词典结果: over there[英][ˈəuvə ðɛə][美][ˈovɚ ðɛr] adv.那里; 例句: 1. Those arches over there were the main entrances and these articles that we found...

out there比over there语意更丰富,over there取本意多一些。 看这两个解释和例句。 a) in a place that could be anywhere except here My real father is out there and one day I plan to find him. b) where someone or something can be no...

over there adv.那里; [英][ˈəuvə ðɛə][美][ˈovɚ ðɛr]

over there 在那边 over there [英][ˈəuvə ðɛə][美][ˈovɚ ðɛr] adv.那里; 例句: 1. If you could see what he does, maybe you'd head over there, too. 如果你能够看到它所看到的,也许你也...


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