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《Be My Girl》 New Kids On The BlockGirl, I think it's timeThat I let you knowAbout the way I really feelI just can't wait no moreBe my babyBe my girlI wanna be the oneThat steals your heart awayI wanna hold you in my armsAnd fill you with all my

right here 歌词 roll down the window i see nothing but the sun i know i tried to run last night but now I'm gonna do it right your eyes are shining even though we're still so young i can tell you baby, honestly i'd rather have you be with me i know you can

目前还没有获奖记录You Can Be My GirlFriend - 蔡徐坤词:蔡徐坤/Larmòók/EARATTACK曲:蔡徐坤/Larmòók/EARATTACK[1]Yeah YeahTell me what u gonna do itEh ehI just wanna do itEh ehTell me what u gonna do iteh ehI just wanna do iteh eh

i love can you be my girlfriend!我爱你,能成为我女朋友吗?yes i can no i can't

I am bOy

你好!Thai. J.Reyez. IZ. Lil Crazed. Tommy C -- Girlfriendhttp://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XMjI0NzQ5OTg4.html希望对你有所帮助,望采纳.

i love you!will you be my girlfriend!do you miss me?i want you!我爱你!你愿意做我的女朋友!你想念我吗?我想要你!满意给个采纳哦

歌曲名:Can you be my girlfriend歌手:杨竣杰Can you be my girlfriend曲/词:杨竣杰编曲:杨竣杰主唱:杨竣杰(粤)依然可能与你相恋此时只能看你跟他再度以热爱的心相拥抱不能忍受你去拥他此时只能看看手表难道我永没法做得比他好I'll

can you be my girlfriend你能做我的女朋友吗?如有不懂,请追问. 谢谢!

乐队:HeyHiHello歌名:Right here 歌词roll down the windowi see nothing but the suni know i tried to run last nightbut now I'm gonna do it rightyour eyes are shiningeven though we're still so youngi can tell you baby, honestlyi'd rather have you be

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